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industry le havre

The week of the industry in Le Havre


A visit of XP LOG  On the occasion of the 9th “Week of the Industry”, many companies, events and meetings were organised everywhere in France and especially in Normandy. This event occurred from the 18th to the 24th of  March 2019. Our logistic company XP LOG has the pleasure to give access to its infrastructures… View Article

Visite Maire du Havre XP LOG

A visit from Luc LEMONNIER at XP LOG – Le Havre


An interesting guest at XP LOG Le Havre Friday the 15th of March 2019, our company has the pleasure to welcome Luc LEMONNIER, mayor of the city of Le Havre and president of Le Havre Seine Métropole and also to welcome Emmanuel ZERVUDACKI, Business Developer at Le Havre Développement. The goal of this visit was… View Article

Zoom on … Le Havre


Our logistical company in Le Havre is located in the port area of Le Havre since more than 20 years. But why did we choose this geographical position? Le Havre It is a French city located in the northern-west of France, in Normandy. This port is the 2nd of France after Marseille for the total… View Article

Perche Elite Tour France

News : The Perche Elite Tour 2019


The big jump On Satuday the 9th of February 2019, Samedi 9 février 2019, XP LOG wanted to thank its customers for their collaboration and their trust by inviting them for the 4th consecutive year to the Perche Elite Tour 2019. This event happened at the Kindarena in Rouen, near Le Havre in Normandy. The… View Article

Prestataire logistique 3PL

1PL, 2PL, 3PL… How to chose its logistics provider ?


The different kind of service providers – Click on the picture to zoom – 1PL – « First Party Logistics »: THE CUSTOMER A company which ships its products from a place to an other is 1PL. For example, a local farmer which transports its crops directly to a greengrocer is 1PL. 2PL – «… View Article

XP LOG - Joyeux noël

Best 2019 wishes


The whole XP LOG team wants to thanks its customers for their trust. We wish to all of you a happy New year and that 2019 brings hapiness, health and sucess for your projects. Finally, we wish you to reach your dreams during this new year.

Certificat M.A.S.E

Mase certification renewal


XP LOG just got its M.A.S.E certification renewal for the next 3 years. This certification, delivered by the MASE Board, is made to strengthen and validate our actions related to the increase of our employees’ safety at work. This is a nice reward for XP LOG which worked hard to this. What is the M.A.S.E… View Article


New gallery of pictures for XP LOG


A picture worth thousands words… In order to enhance our services and put forward our logistical activities services, we did in June 2018 a shooting at XP LOG in Le Havre. We decided to involve the employees to this project So, the shooting was a nice moment our employees shared together. As a company which… View Article

Entrepôt disponible XP LOG

Warehouses available at XP LOG


You are looking for a warehouse to store your goods?  XP LOG, provider in logistics and transport has currently 140 000 square meters of logistics platform in Le Havre, in Normandy. From the 1st April of 2019, XP LOG, will have 6 200 square meters available. The warehouse is located at the PROLOGIS park at… View Article

Journée Portes Ouvertes XP LOG

Open house day at XP LOG


XP LOG did an open house day for its employees and their families 3 years ago, XP LOG did an open house day for all its employees and their families. The goal was to show them the logistics and transport world through a discovery tour and some games! This day was a real success. This… View Article


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