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Certificat M.A.S.E

Mase certification renewal


XP LOG just got its M.A.S.E certification renewal for the next 3 years. This certification, delivered by the MASE Board, is made to strengthen and validate our actions related to the increase of our employees’ safety at work. This is a nice reward for XP LOG which worked hard to this. What is the M.A.S.E… View Article


New gallery of pictures for XP LOG


A picture worth thousands words… In order to enhance our services and put forward our logistical activities services, we did in June 2018 a shooting at XP LOG in Le Havre. We decided to involve the employees to this project So, the shooting was a nice moment our employees shared together. As a company which… View Article

Entrepôt disponible XP LOG

Warehouses available at XP LOG


You are looking for a warehouse to store your goods?  XP LOG, provider in logistics and transport has currently 140 000 square meters of logistics platform in Le Havre, in Normandy. From the 1st April of 2019, XP LOG, will have 6 200 square meters available. The warehouse is located at the PROLOGIS park at… View Article

Journée Portes Ouvertes XP LOG

Open house day at XP LOG


XP LOG did an open house day for its employees and their families 3 years ago, XP LOG did an open house day for all its employees and their families. The goal was to show them the logistics and transport world through a discovery tour and some games! This day was a real success. This… View Article

XP LOG warehouses in Montivilliers


The Paris Normandie writes about XP LOG ! Thanks to the increase of the port traffic, the market of the logistics is constantly increasing. This market is dynamic thanks to actors on the e-commerce and on the retail. This is why in 2017 more than 75 735 square meters were available on the market. Including… View Article

Nouveau site internet XP LOG

XP LOG renew itself!


A new XP LOG website The teams of XP LOG are happy to present you their activities through our new internet website. We really want to thanks the DWM-it team for its support in this project. This website was designed for our customers but also for our partners and all the people that need to… View Article

XP LOG - TOP 150 des 3PL - Juin 2018

TOP 150 of the French 3PL


XP LOG is on the ranking of the TOP 150 of the 3PLs XP LOG is ranked at the 56th place in the ranking of the « Top 150 of the 3PL » made and written by Supply Chain Magazine. This article was published in June 2018. The criterias to ranking are : – The… View Article

Machine big bags en sac

Setting up of a new machine at XP LOG


A machine that allows to create bags from big bags Since mid-June, the warehouse in Montivilliers (based in Normandy) is equipped of a new machine. This machine is dedicated to a specific kind of flows : chemical goods that are produced in Le Havre. This new machine will allow to deal with a bigger flows…. View Article

Label 6PL pour XP LOG

XP LOG just got the 6PL label


6PL A sustainable logistics performance XP LOG got for 3 years the 6PL – Sustainable Logistics Performance – certification. This certification is delivered by the association “Logistique Seine Normandie” (LSN) and also the “Club Logistique du Havre” The aim of the 6PL certification is to help the logistics field to Its purpose is to help… View Article

Course Amazone XP LOG mobilisé

XP LOG participates to the Amazon race


XP LOG, mobilized against breast cancer for the Amazon! On June 3rd, 2018, the 10th edition of the Amazon race took place in Le Havre. The event mobilized more than 12,000 people and 200 volunteers. The XP LOG and Challenge International teams also got involved. The goal was to help the raise of funds for… View Article


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