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Zoom on … Le Havre


Our logistical company in Le Havre is located in the port area of Le Havre since more than 20 years. But why did we choose this geographical position? Le Havre It is a French city located in the northern-west of France, in Normandy. This port is the 2nd of France after Marseille for the total… View Article

Perche Elite Tour France

News : The Perche Elite Tour 2019


The big jump On Satuday the 9th of February 2019, Samedi 9 février 2019, XP LOG wanted to thank its customers for their collaboration and their trust by inviting them for the 4th consecutive year to the Perche Elite Tour 2019. This event happened at the Kindarena in Rouen, near Le Havre in Normandy. The… View Article

XP LOG in the ranking of “TOP 130 des 3PL”


XP LOG arrives in the 62nd place in the rankings “Top 130 3PL” 2013 Supply Chain Magazine (article published in June 2013). The classification criterias include the turnover, the storage area, the number of wharehouses and the number of employees.


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