The health a sensitive area

XP LOG’s expertise in the healthcare area is based on its strong logistical experience in medical (pharmaceutical) products.

In accordance with the high demands of the health sector, XP LOG pays attention to the safety and quality of goods as well as compliance with health regulations and protocols.

Ours warehouses are cleaned daily in order to respect the conditions of hygiene and cleanliness specific to the products. In addition, pest control systems are installed in warehouses to preserve the goods.

Our strengths

Trained teams : In order to be able to answer all the needs and requirements of our pharmaceutical’s customers, our team are trained to this sector’s specificities to propose a high quality service.

Adapted warehouses : Our warehouses are adapted to welcome your medical products. Indeed, they respect all the strict rules about the storage and answer all the requirement from the pharmaceutical industry.

A rigorous maintenance : XP LOG is rigorous about the maintenance of their warehouses in order to respect and fulfil the requirements about hygiene and cleanness related to the goods that are stocked.


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