Leather goods

Management of your leather goods

A dedicated interlocutor manage your flow. Indeed, he advises you on the various distribution channels by making you benefit from his feedback.

In addition, XP LOG allows you to take advantage of the pooling of its resources by guaranteeing responsiveness and adaptability. Our teams control the entire chain through efficient logistical processes adapted to your needs:

Reception and packaging: our teams take care of the handling of your products inside our warehouses.

Storage: your products are stored according to their specificities.

Preparation of the order: we take care of the preparation of your orders. For example, picking, kitting, qualitative and quantitative controls, packaging, labeling …

Delivery: we load your goods and we take care of your road transport for a delivery across France and Europe.

Tracking: we provide information flows that can track packages of real-time.

Returns management: we process the return of parcels by checking the references of returned products and by returning to stock, repackaging and forwarding if necessary

If you have any question about the leather goods logistic, feel free to contact us!


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