A qualitative logistics that enwers our customers’ needs

XP LOG answers all your transport needs by providing a delivery of your goods in good conditions, at the right place and the right time. XP LOG offers adapted logistics solutions. Indoor or outdoor, in bulk or in rack, your products are stored according to their specificities.
Every day, our teams prepare orders and deliveries, check the conformity of goods and take care about your transport across France and Europe.

In addition, these solutions are fast and based on strong human and technical expertise. Our role as a logistician is to bring you advices on the stock optimization with constantly taking care of the quality and the competitively of our services.

In our 180 000 m² of warehouses we can stock different kind of goods such as food, alcohol, out of size products, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, leather goods, auto parts, childcare products, high-tech, decoration or even more…

Different kind of logistics 

Our turnover is spread by 3 different activities:

The freight logistic (usually called international logistic): this kind of logistic allows us to build and provide complete solutions for your import/export flux. We can welcome your goods in our warehouses which are next to the port of  Le Havre.

The dedicated logistic : It is the integration of all the aspects of the supply chain inside one entity. We can dedicate human and tools to your activity.

The in-situ logistic (also called the industrial logistic): It is when we operate with our teams in the production site of an other company.


1st logistician in Le Havre

Our services


Thanks to 189 000 sqm of logistics platforms, XP LOG offers storage services for seasonal needs, distribution platforms, or logistics outsourcing.

Order preparation

XP LOG supports all order preparations :

  • Picking : orders preparation.
  • Kitting : making kits from several pieces.
  • Qualitative and quantitative controls.

Logistics flows management

Our teams support you in the management of your logistics flows :

  • Administrative management
  • Appointment with your customers in their companies,
  • Orders reception,
  • Storage optimization,
  • Management of your customs and tax issues.


Warehouse Management System

XP LOG have an innovative information system that allows you to track your receptions, order picks and shipments in real time.

Our radio terminals (radio frequency system) offer traceability of all physical flows on our warehouses.

By putting the information at your disposal, XP LOG gives you a great visibility on your operations. Our objective is to make your stock management more reliable and more efficient.

Key figures
189 000

sqm of warehouses

23 000

sqm container storage yard


x 44 tons


Parc du Hode,
Route Industrielle, Port 5515
76430 Saint-Vigor-d'Ymonville

+33 (0)2 35 13 90 20

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