Marseille Fos logistics – XP LOG is setting up in the south

XP LOG – A location in the South that has many advantages

The Marseille Fos logisics: XP LOG part of the top 125 french logisticians is located since 1991 in the port of Le Havre. The company is going to set up in Marseille – Fos Sur Mer in 2021 in order to offer its customers an access to the south of France. The Port of Marseille Fos is the 1st Port of France (in weight of goods), the 1st port of the Mediterranean area and the 6th European port. From there, you can get an access to more than 500 ports. This represents huge advantages for a better import/export flows management thanks to the 90 maritime lines. To be located near to the Great Port of Marseille has many advantages such as:

– For the importations: An easy access of the French market, Italian market, Spanish market and Portuguese market;

– For the exportations : An easy access to the North and West African market.

A logistics company, many activities 

As XP LOG built a strong experience in many kind of logistics since more than 30 years, here are the different kind of logistics that will be provided in the South:

A brand new warehouse located in the Distriport next to the containers flows

The XP LOG warehouse in Marseille will be composed by 2 cells. Each cell will represent 12 000 Square meters. Which means a total of 24 000 Stage meters of warehouses available the end of 2021.

This warehouse benefits from modern infrastructures such as solar panels on the roof which will allow the warehouse to be almost 100% autonomous in its energy consumption. In addition, thanks to these solar panels, XP LOG will get the environmental certification called BREEAM VERY GOOD. This is the continuity of our CSR policy for which we already took many actions.

Logistique Sud de le France

XP LOG on the DISTRIPORT is a warehouse which follows the most recent logistics standards – Marseille Fos logistics

DISTRIPORT is a premium site in order to maximize the advantages of being in the South:

  • Proximity with the port terminals (such as EuroFos ans Seayard) which means a optimization of the container transport;
    • A safe and fluent containers flows management thanks to the OEA certifications (Opérateur Economique Agréé in French);
    • A container park that allows the storage of containers on a frame. This allows the optimization of the containers flows management for the importation and exportations of goods.

They chose to be located in the South – Marseille Fos logistics 

Many big companies chose to be located in Marseille – Fos such as:

  • Alinéa
    • Carrefour
    • Castorama
    • Danone
    • Leroy Merlin
    • Maison du Monde
    • IKEA
    • GEODIS

If you have a project related to your logistics in the South of France, do not hesitate to contact us in order to speak about the advantages of XP LOG!


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