A meeting at the Institution Saint Joseph in Le Havre


A meeting at the Institution Saint Joseph in Le Havre

Tuesday the 14th of January 2020 Olivier JEAN-BAPTISTE, CEO of the company XP LOG presented himself in front of the students in the high school of the Institution Saint Joseph in Le Havre.

During this meeting, he presented the different kind of jobs related to the transport and the logistic. The aim was to make the students aware of the different possible path to make after their Baccalauréat graduation.

An increasing sector of activity

In Normandy and especially in Le Havre, we must be aware that the logistic sector is constantly increasing :

  • 1st logistical city of France with 543 800 employee (Any jobs, Any sectors);
  • 1st French container port with 2.65 millions of TEU;
  • 23% of the French population;
  • 5,7 millions of jobs;
  • 88,8 Billions of exportations and 127 Billions of importations;
  • 31% of the student in France;


The sector of the transport and the logistic are composed by various kind of jobs such as : handler, order preparer, forklift operator, truck driver, administrative staff, stock managers, engineers, charterer, etc…

These jobs are reachable through different formation from BAC to BAC+5. For example : Bacs Pros, CAP Opérateur LogistiqueBTS Transport et Prestations Logistiques or DUT GLTLicence GOLPMaster Supply Chain Management …


XP LOG wished through this meeting to help the student finding their future formations after the Baccalauréat.

We would like to thank the managers at the Institution Saint Joseph for welcoming us in this school.

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