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Rendez vous d'Affaires en Normandie

XP LOG at the RAN 2019


The Rendez vous d’Affaires of Normandy in Rouen XP LOG was at the 17th edition of the Rendez-vous d’Affaires of Normandy 2019 (RAN 2019). During this day, more than 350 companies were present at this event. Created in 2002 by the CCI de Normandie, the goal of those appointments are to meet people that can be… View Article

Rendez vous d'Affaires en Normandie


Rendez vous d’Affaires de Normandie à Rouen XP LOG était présent à la 17ème édition des Rendez-vous d’Affaires de Normandie 2019 (RAN 2019). Durant cette journée, plus de 350 entreprises étaient attendues dont une cinquantaine de donneurs d’ordres. Créés en 2002 par les CCI de Normandie, ces Rendez-vous d’Affaires reposent sur des rencontres ciblées et planifiées. Sont présents… View Article

Logistique conteneurs Le Havre harbour logistic

Why to choose the harbour logistic?


XP LOG Le Havre a good choice to make for your logistic   XP LOG decided to set up in Le Havre for the harbour logistic since more than 20 years. We believe it was a good choice thanks to the many advantages it provides us and we are going to explain them in this… View Article

industry le havre

The week of the industry in Le Havre


A visit of XP LOG  On the occasion of the 9th “Week of the Industry”, many companies, events and meetings were organised everywhere in France and especially in Normandy. This event occurred from the 18th to the 24th of  March 2019. Our logistic company XP LOG has the pleasure to give access to its infrastructures… View Article

Visite Maire du Havre XP LOG

A visit from Luc LEMONNIER at XP LOG – Le Havre


An interesting guest at XP LOG Le Havre Friday the 15th of March 2019, our company has the pleasure to welcome Luc LEMONNIER, mayor of the city of Le Havre and president of Le Havre Seine Métropole and also to welcome Emmanuel ZERVUDACKI, Business Developer at Le Havre Développement. The goal of this visit was… View Article

XP LOG in the ranking of “TOP 130 des 3PL”


XP LOG arrives in the 62nd place in the rankings “Top 130 3PL” 2013 Supply Chain Magazine (article published in June 2013). The classification criterias include the turnover, the storage area, the number of wharehouses and the number of employees.


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