A Norman collaboration to celebrate the end of the year at XP LOG


A distribution of gifts boxes

This Friday, 29th of November, in order to thank our employees for their implication and also to wish them a happy new years, our CSE managed the distribution of gifts boxes.

We decided to work with the company Coupable French Tartinable that made hose beautiful boxes. It was a strong desire from XP LOG to work with a local company. But also to put forward the know-how of artisan from Le Havre which deserve to be knows in the other regions of France.

In addition, the company Coupable French Tartinable gave us the possibility to benefit from their high quality products. Which are bio and hand-made.

There is no doubt, our employees will like those boxes for their parties at the end of the year.


Coupable French Tartinable

Known as Producteur Artisan de Qualité by the Collège Culinaire de France, Morgan and Quentin launched together as a couple one year ago their project. The goal was to provide products that will be appreciated though the quality and the taste of their products.

Their values are based on the local work. Their product are 100% from Normandy and bio. This is possible because their supplier are regional producers. This is good and it helps the proximity trades

You can find back their collections of gifts boxes in their Facebook page Coupable – French Tartinables. On their Instagram account @coupable_tartinable and also on their website.

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