National strikes the 12th december 2019


Social movements and strikes in France

Some strikes are happening in France after some calls from unions such in order to protest against the new retirement reform for the private and public employees. These strikes affect employees from any sector of activity or profession and the engagement is bigger every week.

Today, this national strike has a lot of consequences in France and especially in Le Havre through the port which is unaccessable .

The situation since Thursday 12 December 2019 at XP LOG is:

  • XP LOG Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville: impossible to access for now;
  • the site next to the Pont de Normandie : impossible to access for now;
  • XP LOG Montivilliers : impossible to access for now.

Because of this, your usual contacts are not all contactable. So, in case of emergency, you can contact us in the XP LOG’s switchboard : +33 2 35 13 90 20.

In the same time, we will let you know about the current situation and will do anything we can in order to minimise de consequences for all of us.

You can rely on our presence of our teams in this problematic situation. Thank you for your comprehension during these hard times.