Management of your food flows

Among the various products managed by XP LOG, the management and storage of products from the food industry is one of the group’s specialties :

– Raw materials: coffee, big bags.

– Dry goods: groceries such as preserves.

– Products of animal or vegetable origin: dried fruits, nuts.

Our teams manage the SSCC numbers and DESADV (Despatch Advice). According to your requests, XP LOG is able to perform sampling operations.

The storage of food products requires good control of the legislation. XP LOG is an expert concerning the sanitary and organic approvals.

Certification BIO

Different kind of food industry’s logistic 

For these products, XP LOG is able to support you according to your needs. This can be through a dedicated logistic or a shared logistic.

The dedicated logistic is that to optimize the supply chain, we will integrate all the aspects of the logistic within the same entity. The flows of goods are then managed on the same logistical platform through the reception, the storage, the orders preparation, the loading and the transportation.

The shared logistic allows for a customers to benefit from cheaper costs. Indeed, as the differents customer share the space in our trucks so, the cost of tranportation is less expansive. As for the storage, the handling tools, the employees and the IT system which are also shared between our different customers.



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