XP LOG, a trusted logistic Partner for alcohol industries

Management of your alcohol flow

Since 2014, XP LOG has made its logistic expertise available to an alcohol exporter. In addition, XP LOG manages its supply chain on a dedicated and approved surface for alcohol storage of 40% or less (40 °).

XP LOG ships from carton picking to full pallet. We support you in making tailor-made expeditions thanks to our Push-Pull system. It is a handling truck allowing the bulk loading of cartons received on pallets.

Our Push-Pull system is simple. The machine catch a Kraft paper which is between the pallet and the goods. Then make the cardboards slip on a metallic plate.

Finally, the cardboard are pushed in the opposite direction to load them in your way of transport.

The benefits are that we do not need pallets anymore which is a time saver to load in bulk.

If you need to know if we are able to provide you our services in the same field, do not hesitate to contact us.




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