The week of the industry in Le Havre


A visit of XP LOG 

On the occasion of the 9th “Week of the Industry”, many companies, events and meetings were organised everywhere in France and especially in Normandy.

This event occurred from the 18th to the 24th of  March 2019. Our logistic company XP LOG has the pleasure to give access to its infrastructures the 20th of March.

More than 40 students in their 1st year of GLT from the IUT Le Havre went to visit XP LOG in Le Havre which was an opportunity for them to discover the jobs related to the transport and the logistic.


During this visit, the students discovered many sectors of activity such as:

They also discovered different kind of jobs such as operator, order picker and also sales person.

We believe that it is impotrant to show and share to the youngers our jobs, task and experiences.

As we know, finding a path at this age is hard and can generate questions and even anxiety. So, in order to help them making the right choice, our employees were open to answer all questions related the their job or even their educational/professional background.

What is the week of the Industry?

Since 2011, la Semaine de l’Industrie provide many events in order to put forward the industry sector through the visit of companies, meetings, interviews, forums…

This week of discovery leads to reinforce the attractiveness of different sectors of activity within Le Havre.

The mains goals of  La Semaine de l’Industrie are:

  • To reinforce the attractiveness of different sector of activity such as the logistic and the transport;
  • To make aware the students of the different jobs that exist;
  • To promote different companies and exchange with professionals.

Each year, the Week of the industry is evolving thanks to the help from partners such as la CCI Normandie, la Région Normandie.

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