Corporate Social Responsability (CSR): A step forward !


Since XP LOG has the certification 6PL in June 2018, the company and its employees try to meet more goals of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within its logistic company. Since then, many actions have been set up and recently, the company decided to give all the employees a customized reusable bottle.

Why we made this choice? 

Here are all the reasons why we chose to invest in these reusable bottles :

Développement durable logistique Le Havre1. To prevent from any dehydrations, especially in summer when the weather is so hot that it can reach 40°C outside;

2. To limit the impact of the plastic cup on the environment :

– The annual consumption in France : 5 milliards of cups! Squeezed and stacked, these disposable cup are the equivalent of a pyramid high as 25 times the Eiffel tower and a 6.8km width.

– At  LOG, we use almost 45 000 plastic cup a year

3. Prohibition by the law to use plastic cup from the 1st of January of 2020.

4. To save money for the company each year by replacing the disposable cup by reusable bottles.

This gift from the company is useful and eco-responsible through the goals of the CSR. In addition, it allowed to increase the awareness of our employees to the environment and the reason why we have to care about. At XP LOG, the reusable bottle is replacing the plastic bottle and also the plastic disposable cups. This allows us to save money but also to preserve our planet by reducing our amount of waste.