XP LOG n°51 of the Top 125 French 3PL


XP LOG was the 51st logistics provider in France. This rank is made by Supply Chain Magazine for the year 2020. Supply Chain Magazine write each year the rank based on many criteria such as:

      • The turnover;
      • The amount of warehouses in France;
      • The storage area in France (in Square Meter)
      • The main sector of activity and domain of expertise.

XP LOG is one of the leaders in the logistics domain in Le Havre (Normandy – France). The port of Le Havre is the first port in number of Containers in France. This is also the first logistics hub in the Parisian area. Our goal is to keep using our expertise in order to answer our customer’s needs. And this by providing them tailored solutions to their flows.

We would like to thank Supply Chain Magazine for this rank.supply chain magazine