XP LOG’s mobilization in this unusual context


All affected, XP LOG mobilized for the continuity, THANKS to our employees!

At XP LOG, we want to thank our transport and logistic team’s engagement. They have an important role in the economical continuity of the country. But also in the supply of essential good against the COVID-19.

Today, we have two priorities which are and will be always be.

Our employees’ safety and health

We are really careful about the governmental instructions for the sanitary security by taking all the necessary actions. Such as the home office, the remote access to the IT tools which allow the access to our customers’ records, the rotation of our employees that cannot work in home office because their participation is necessary to manage the flows…

The continuity of the logistical services which are essential to our country

Indeed, it is absolutely essential that the logistics activities are maintained. In order to face in a long-time period this crisis. But also in order to allow people living correctly with all the livings goods they need.

The supply chain of some goods such as health equipment, pharmaceutical products but also the food must be maintained. In order to correctly supply the distributors.

This means that upstream, logisticians and transporters such as XP LOG supplied the warehouses. Also, they stored goods, prepared orders and delivered all these goods.

In that unusual context but also in response of the anxious atmosphere. We really wanted to thank all of the XP LOG teams (handlers, forklift operators, order pickers and the administrative staff). Which are united day by day to ensure the good operations of the supply chain.