Corporate social responsability : recycled shoes


Recycled safety shoes: another step related to the CSR

Since Junes 2018 XP LOG has the certification 6PL. The Company and its employees always try to meet more goals related to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within its logistics company. Since then, many actions have been set up and recently, the company decided to invest in recycled safety shoes. Our QHSE department choose to give safety shoes to our employees made by recycled materials in order to go deeper into the CSR. XP LOG decided to collaborate with the Italian company Cofra. Specialized in the safety equipment but also in the waste recycling in order to use them as raw materials.

A shoe made from recycled materials

The company Cofra decided to look at the current challenge of the waste management which is a global issue. Without forgetting the well recognized Italian design, the Corfra’s teams were able to develop in their labs a shoe composed by 80% of recycled materials:

  • The sole of the shoe is made from 8 plastic bottles recycled and transformed;
  • Laces of the shoe are also made from plastic bottles but also from recycled threads;
  • The label inside the shoe is also made from recycled threads;
  • Finally, all the steams are made from recycled threads.

A comfort for our employees 

These safety shoes do not only respect the environment but also our employees’ health. Indeed, the shoes are composed by many technologies that convinced the QHSE team to provide them to XP LOG’s employees.

The Cofra GREEN Fit safety shoe is composed by:

  • A toe protection made by leather which has an abrasion resistance;
  • The antibacterial and breathable fabric;
  • A sole which supports the ankles but also which provides a cushion against the shocks and protect the back;
  • The puncture-proof fabric directly sewed in the sole which is flexible and light.

The general idea was to link the environmental action to the safety and health related actions.

These are 2 essential values of our company!