XP LOG support its customers


A tailor made support

As part of the support process for XP LOG’s customers, we regularly make specific workshop requests. Specific workshops are unpredictable and exceptional requests that we generally receive shortly before receipts or shipments.

The main difficulty is the unpredictability of these requests and that they are all different from each other. Our teams must therefore adapt their solutions to each customer and request.

These demands can occur in several ways. Here are some examples :

  • Adding a new label
  • Changing labels
  • Change of packaging
  • Change of packaging
  • Sorting of goods
  • Co-packing
  • Adding a marketing or promotional object to the product (collar, etc.)

All these changes can be done for several reasons: demand of the end customer (customers of our customers), problem coming from the supplier, re-compliance with a control authority, repair after one or more damage (s), etc.

An exceptional demand

Our teams regularly answer to specific workshop requests. For example, one of our customers who sells agri-food products recently told us about exceptional demand.

The mention of origin is not present on a very large number of batches of cans. The customer asked us to add a label specifying the country of origin on each of the 4.5 million cans.

This represents the equivalent of nearly 70 containers, or more than 2,000 pallets.

Beyond the management of relabelling, human resources and the surface necessary to process the request, our teams also had to manage certain damage. Indeed, at the start of this workshop, it was noticed that some boxes were damaged, or even pierced. In order to respond to this contingency, an aspect of sorting the goods also had to be taken into account. A specific provision of a 6,000 m2 cell has been planned for this purpose thanks to the strong partnership with our partner in the port area of ​​Le Havre, Prologis.

Optimal organization

In order to respond effectively to this demand, XP LOG has decided to call on a regular and specialized partner: the company Atelier Picking.

Carrying out this operation requires a very careful organization with coordination between the teams of our partner and those of XP LOG, which represents more than 40 people.

XP LOG also works in agreement with the DDPD (Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations) of Le Havre. Indeed, it is essential to have their agreement in the workshop process, which is organized like this:

  • Arrival of containers under custom and storage in our container yard
  • Placed on an XP LOG “slave” frame of the containers placed on the yar
  • Docking of containers in the dedicated cell
  • Unloading of containers
  • Sorting of goods suitable for consumption or not
  • Sticking of labels mentioning the country of origin
  • Palletization
  • Veterinary visit attesting to the conformity of the goods
  • Customs clearance of the goods
  • Return to the storage area or dispatch of the goods cleared through customs to the end customer

Who is Atelier Picking?

Atelier Picking is an adapted company approved and managed by Erwan Kerouredan. It offers logistics solutions services and specializes in bringing goods into conformity. The particularity of Atelier Picking is that it places at the heart of its project people with disabilities who cannot, temporarily or permanently, fit into ordinary businesses.

Indeed, it employs all types of profiles for a single purpose: to help its employees integrate or re-integrate into professional life.

XP LOG works regularly with this company which shares the same values ​​towards its employees.