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The ecovadis score : an analysis of our csr approach


The Corporate Social Responsibility According to Ecovadis, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business activities and their relationships with stakeholders. A company that is involved in the CSR will therefore seek to have a positive impact on society while being economically viable. To… View Article

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A local collaboration for the end of the year 2020


Delivery of gift boxes This Friday, the 4th of December, the XP LOG CSE managed to deliver gift boxes. The members of the CSE wanted to thanks all the employees for the past year. And this by wishing to them a good end of the year. This year again, we wanted to work with a… View Article

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RANDSTAD IN HOUSE SERVICES : an easier way for the HR management


An innovating service Since 2015, XP LOG works by using the innovative services from the temporary work agency called Randstad In House Services (RIS). Indeed, Randstad proposes an efficient solution for the HR management. This agency supports the companies and help them to keep their production goals by proposing to them workforce depending on their… View Article

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ZOOM on the logistics in Le Havre : An ideal location


Logistics in Le Havre If XP LOG took the decision of being located in Normandy – Le Havre, this was not randomly. Le Havre is a city that gather many necessary factors that allows a logistician to do its job perfectly and efficiently. Le Havre: a geographical location with many advantages Indeed, Le Havre is… View Article

Top 125 prestataire logistique France

XP LOG n°51 of the Top 125 French 3PL


XP LOG was the 51st logistics provider in France. This rank is made by Supply Chain Magazine for the year 2020. Supply Chain Magazine write each year the rank based on many criteria such as: The turnover; The amount of warehouses in France; The storage area in France (in Square Meter) The main sector of… View Article

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Shuttle rack: new technology used by XP LOG Le Havre

A logistics technology In order to satisfy one of its customers, XP LOG chose to innovate in its storage system by equipping its new cell with shuttle racks. Indeed, since mid-December 2019, we have been operating in an additional cell. In order to meet the growing demand of storage spaces. This kind of shuttle racks… View Article

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Corporate social responsability : recycled shoes


Recycled safety shoes: another step related to the CSR Since Junes 2018 XP LOG has the certification 6PL. The Company and its employees always try to meet more goals related to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within its logistics company. Since then, many actions have been set up and recently, the company decided to invest… View Article

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Zoom on the pharmaceutical logistics : The expertise of XP LOG


The pharmaceutical logistics Our expertise in the health field is justified by our strong experiences in the pharmaceutical logistics. XP LOG is taking all the measures to support you. And find adapted pharmaceutical logistics solutions related to your needs and your goods. XP LOG has currently 2 000 m² of warehouses dedicated to the storage… View Article

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News about the COVID-19 – 30.03.2020


An evolving business continuity plan After the different news that came from the government, we are completely aware that we are going through a major crisis related to the COVID-19. Our companies have to continue to adapt and must be reactive by respecting all the measures taken by the government. These unique measures are putting the… View Article


XP LOG’s mobilization in this unusual context


All affected, XP LOG mobilized for the continuity, THANKS to our employees! At XP LOG, we want to thank our transport and logistic team’s engagement. They have an important role in the economical continuity of the country. But also in the supply of essential good against the COVID-19. Today, we have two priorities which are… View Article


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