The port logistic

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The XP LOG’s port logistic is about welcoming your goods in our warehouses located next to the port of Le Havre. We can optimize the way your products are delivered and shipped to their final destination. You goods’ flows transit through our logisical platforms before they are shipped.


Why to choose XP LOG?

► An ideal location 

Implantation Le Havre

> First logistical HUB in France

> First french port


A container park

> 20 000 m² of secured and under custom outdoor storage

> Plugs at your disposal for the Reefers containers

> 44 tons cranes for the handling of out-of-standards packages

> Savings about detention costs


► Under custom warehouses

> 160 000 m² of indoor storage

> One storage zone dedicated to other import/export transit operations


► An qualified team

> 25 years of experience which translate a perfect knowledge of the harbor domain in Le Havre


► Key solutions provided 

XP LOG, a logistical expert of the Sealogis group is a transport planner. Thanks to our teams, we generate maritime flows step by step from the shipping sites (Asia, Latin America…) to their European destinations.


Parc du Hode,
Route Industrielle, Port 5515
76430 Saint-Vigor-d'Ymonville

+33 (0)2 35 13 90 20

+33 (0)2 35 13 90 17