Open house day at XP LOG

Journée Portes Ouvertes XP LOG

XP LOG did an open house day for its employees and their families

3 years ago, XP LOG did an open house day for all its employees and their families. The goal was to show them the logistics and transport world through a discovery tour and some games!

This day was a real success. This is why XP LOG decided to organize back this event.

The 2nd edition of the Open House Day at XP LOG will be on Saturday the 15th of September 2018. The families had the choice between two times to do the visit. One visit was at 10AM and the other at 2PM. The lunch was offered for all the families which allowed the 2 groups to be together and share moments.


A journey with 5 steps

The discovery journey was composed by few steps. First of all, the transport activities were presented to the groups. To understand better this activity, they visited the XP LOG’s trucks and the container park.

Olds and young could go on board of different machines (tractors, stackers…) and better anticipate the different jobs that are part of the transport field. Then, they discovered the logistics part. The families visited 3 warehouses composed by: textile, automotive spare parts and child products. The different kind of products stored allowed them to see many logistics solutions provided by XP LOG.

This journey allowed them to discover some aspects of the logistical solutions provided by XP LOG:

During this Open House Day, XP LOG gathered more than 250 people in its headquarter. This day was rich and interesting for young and old people!