Different kind of container

What is a container ?

Containers are a transportation tool used to transport goods.


DRY – Containers for any use

containersThe SRY container is a maritim container which has partitions and which is waterproof. This is the most usd container because it allows to trnasport any kind of goods : parcel, boxes, cases, barrel…


container's dimension

REEFER – Container with controlled temperature


containers xp log


containers reeferThis kind of container is used to control the temperature inside. It has an electric engine which allows to chose the temperature.


OPEN TOP – Containers with retractable roof


OPEN TOP détail containersThis is the same as a DRY container but with in addition, a retractable roof. This kind of container is used to transport heavy and huge goods. It allows to load it by the roof with a crane.


containers le havre

FLAT RACK – Tray container


containers FLAT RACKA Flack Rack Container has 2 walls hat can be movable. this kind of container is used to transport goods that are bulky, heavy and huge.



TANKS – Tanks Containers

containers tank This kind of container is used to transport liquids (unsafe products or not) and also food products.


container logistics


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