The shared logistic

What is the shared logistic?

The optimization of your supply chain from the reception of your goods to their delivery to the final customer

The shared logistic allows for a company to benefit from interesting costs because the transportation, the storage, the handling tools, the labor and the IT system are shared between our customers.

Benefit from our team’s experiences in logistic and from the reliability of our IT system

To share your logistic allows for any amount of storage the optimization of your logistic chain.


Our services

Even if you share your logistic, you will deal with only one person who will be in charge of your whole flow.

More than a commercial relationship, he or she will bring you advices on many distribution channels.

XP LOG allows you to benefit from this shared logistic but also from its resources thanks to the teams’ reactivity and flexibility. Our teams easily handle your whole chain thanks to logistical processes adapted to our customers’ needs.


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