Logistic in the Seine-maritime department

XP LOG, a vital player in the logistic in the department of Seine-Maritime

Part of the Sealogis group, our company was created in 1999 in Montivilliers a city within the agglomeration of Le Havre in the Seine-Maritime department. Today we are also located in Saint Vigor d’Ymonville, a city in the harbor zone of Le Havre. Since then, our company has been developed lot.

In this harbor zone, we provide to our customers logistical and storage platforms which are secured and equipped by modern plants.

Thanks to all of these resources, we are able to propose you solutions adapted to your specificities such as the agro domain, the industrial domain, the textile, the high-tech or even the pharmaceutical domain. You easily can outsource you logistical chain with our experts.



A historical location in Seine-Maritime 

Being located in Seine-Maritime and especially in the Port zone of Le Havre was a conscious decision. Indeed, this port benefit from an excellent location.

Everyday, many boats are going through Le Havre. Being present in this city allow us to support our customers who import and export in order to optimize their logistical flow.

In addition we care about this department because this is where XP LOG was created. Our know-how is put at the disposal of our customers to provide you efficient and qualitative services.



Our services to your goods management

We created our company in order to help industries in their logistical chain management. In Seine-Maritime we have warehouses and outdoor logistical platforms for the storage of your goods.

3 warehouses are located within the harbor zone and the fourth one is located in Montivilliers, 10 km far from Le Havre. So, we can receive you goods to then ship them to their destinations.

We also can manage their storage in secured plants. Also, they are equipped by tracking tools which allow to know where are your goods in live.


Parc du Hode,
Route Industrielle, Port 5515
76430 Saint-Vigor-d'Ymonville

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