Industrial logistics

What is the industrial logistics? 

The industrial logistics is when a company decides to outsource its logistic. This allows to better organize and manage your production and distribution chain.

This kind of logistics can be in our own warehouses but also in the production site of our customers directly. By outsourcing the logistic, the factories can focus on their main activity: the production.


Providing to your teams the logistical and technological know-how from XP LOG 

The aim of the industrial logistics is to benefit from the experience of XP LOG’s teams. But also from our human and IT capabilities.

In addition, we are able to manage your whole flows directly in your production sites.


An integrated WMS to your supply chain

Our project team is an expert in the management of logistical projects. They will support you in the integration of our WMS to your information’s system. Our goal is to focus our efforts on the information’s flows.


A technical support for you industrial logistics

XP LOG can provide you a technical offer by identifying your objectives and analyzing your needs. This offer is composed by strategic advices about your organization, the logistical mechanism and also IT solutions.As an industrial company, you can increase the efficiency of your flows’ organization by having a dedicated team for your logistic.

XP LOG can manage the optimization of your industrial logistic through different delivery. Such as the reception of your products, their identification thanks to the labelling, the inventory management, the order preparation and the shipping.

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