Dedicated logistics

What is a dedicated logistics?

A dedicated logistic is to propose a complete logistics adapted to your flow and your products. In order to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

As our customer is in this case in the middle of our attentions. The sales department and the engineers work hard and pull ourselves together in order to build a qualitative and adapted offer of our services related to your needs.

The dedicated logistics is the integration of the whole aspects of the logistic within the same entity. In order to optimize the supply chain. The goods’ flows are managed in the same logistics platform. Through reception, storage, orders preparation, loading and transportation.

A team and a functional WMS at your disposal

You can benefit from our project teams which are experts in many different kind of goods thanks to the experiences they acquired by working with heterogeneous customers such as pharmaceutical, chemical or even child care products.

From these strong experiences, we are able to analyse your needs and goals. Then, we will provide specifications composed by advices about the organization, the logistical process and IT solutions.

Our team will also support you to integrate our software to your information’s systems. This will allow you being aware of the process of your whole supply chain.

Your logistical flows’ optimization

XP LOG handles the optimization of our logistical flows by taking care of the respect of each step of your supply chain.

Reception: We receive and control your goods.

Stock management: We stock your products  according to their specificities, inside or outside, in bulks or in racks. We also provide a physical inventory management following your instructions.

The shipping: We prepare your orders by following a tailored operation such as picking, sampling and sorting.

XP LOG is in charge of the shipping and the distribution of your goods for a delivery through France and Europe.


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