Logistic in Anvers

Outsource your logistic flows to our experts in Anvers !

The logistic in Anvers :

The daily logistic chain management require important ways but also a lot of time. Today, the companies have the choice to do it on their own internally or to outsource it. If you chose the second option, our teams are at your disposal to answer your needs and support you in this project.

We work in France but also in Europe and especially in Anvers, Belgium. Indeed, our holding company Sealogis is located in this Belgium city for many years now in order to answer to our customers’ expectations. There, we can accept your goods, store them and also ship them. What is better for your company than these efficient and performing services ?



A strategic geographic location in the second European port

In Europe, the Anvers port plays an important role. It is considered as a strong maritime platform in which many tons of goods goes through. From this Belgium port, the goods can be transported through trains, boats or trucks.

In addition, as it is the second European port after Rotterdam, Anvers is really dynamic. There, we have at your disposal more than 15 000 m² of warehouses that we manage. So, you can store your products safely and benefit from the know-how of our experts in the logistic chain.


Tailored services for your supply chain 

By entrusting the management of your flows, and your logistic, our teams in Anvers handle your goods when they arrive in the port. Thanks to our customs department, we also can help you to manage the customs issues. Moreover, our teams manage the storage and the quality control of your products, but also, they can help you in the order preparation and their shipping through France and Europe.

So, it is a complete and efficient support that we can bring you!



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