XP LOG in France 2 – Report about the port of Le Havre


Report : Le Havre vs Anvers

During the television news of the 24th of January 2020, the channel France 2 decided to make a report. The report is about the activity of the port of Le Havre compared to the port of Anvers

France 2 needed the point of view of a logistician. Olivier JEAN BAPTISTE, the CEO of XP LOG, 1st logistician in Le Havre. So The channel interviewed him. To ask questions about the advantages of the Port of Le Havre vs the port of Anvers.

This report was important because we were in a period of crisis. Related to the social movements about the Retirement reform in France. This crisis can make people think that dealing with the port of Anvers is easier than in Le Havre.

But we do not forget that the port of Le Havre has numerous advantages we already spoke about. (Article about the advantages of doing logistic in Le Havre). Such as the distance between logisticians. And the port which is easier to unload the TCs;

1 – A low cost of the real estate ;

2 – The quality, the availability, the know-how of the labour

3 – A huge amount of formation center dedicated to the logistic and the transport (ISELDUTBTSIPER in Le Havre) ;

4 – The safety : HAROPA has its own Police (130 agents), which is a real advantage for the safety of the goods ;

5 – Le Havre is a port which has no constraint about the level of the tides.


Solutions made by XP LOG, a logistic expert in Le Havre since 20 years

Finally, we can also speak about the advantages of XP LOG. In this context, it is important to put forward the main advantage of our 20 000m² container park.

It can allow us to store the TCs in advance in the park.

In addition, as all of our warehouses, it is under custom and safe. So, it is a double advantage for XP LOG and its customers !

This tool allows the prioritisation of the unloads of the TCs stored in the container park to avoid any fees ( please check the article about the advantages of our container park).

Thanks to France 2, The CEO of XP LOG could positively conclude this report. Even if the current situation is hard, our teams are flexible and can respond all the customers’ expectations even if the port is not as dynamic as usual.

This situation is exceptional but it allows XP LOG to put forward the work done by our team thanks to their flexibility.

The video of Olivier JEAN BAPTISTE’s interview is available below.