Why to choose the harbour logistic?


XP LOG Le Havre a good choice to make for your logistic


XP LOG decided to set up in Le Havre for the harbour logistic since more than 20 years. We believe it was a good choice thanks to the many advantages it provides us and we are going to explain them in this article.

First of all, to be in the harbour zone of Le Havre is a benefit for any company that has international flows such as industries. Here are the reasons why:

  • Le Havre is a strategic location where there is more than 25 millions of consumers 200km around and 200 millions of consumers 600 km around. Also, the proximity with Roissy Charles de Gaulle (1st European freight airport) which provide a perfect solution for the challenges of the international business.
  • In Normandy, there is 543 800 employees in the logistic area (any sector, any job). This allows XP LOG to have a low employees’ turnover which is a great advantage to work with loyal employees and benefit from their know-how in the logistic.
  • 35% of the foreign companies that set-up in France make the choice to stay in Normandy. So we can assume that the area of  Le Havre is attractive for the international companies.
  • There is 600 companies in the road transport area which means that there is an efficient way to serve and ship in France and in Europe thanks to the high amount of road infrastructures which are qualitative and fluent.
  • There is a lot of ways of transportation which can be local or international but also it can be full containers, freight, courier or even mono-parcels. You can find your tailored and secured way of transport.
  • Around the harbour zone, there is a huge highway network: Caen/Cherbourg/Le Havre/Rouen/Evreux and Paris.
  • Le Havre is the 1st French logistic hub : the whole maritime area is composed by the HAROPA (Le Havre, Rouen, Paris) which represent more that 2.9 millions m² of warehouses.
  • The port of Le Havre is the 1st French port of containers for the import. It can welcome the biggest ships without any restrictions.
  • Le Havre is also the 1st port of Northern Europe that a ship have to reach for the imports and the last one fort the exports, it is the door to access to all European harbours.

The container park is an important advantage of being at XP LOG.


A lot of benefit from being in a logistic harbour zone


In the harbour zone, XP LOG and the Sealogis Group have many advantages that make the operations easier from the boat arrival to the final customer delivery.

So, here are all the benefit that XP LOG and Sealogis can bring you in your logistical import flows management :

– When the ship arrives, our mother company Sealogis allows anticipating any custom issues. In addition, they make the containers available as quick as possible for the shunting.

– When the containers are ready to be shunted, our transport department shunts them from the port to XP LOG.

– After the shunting, the containers are stored in our container park (under custom) at XP LOG Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville next to Le Havre, in Normandy.

– Our logistic department manage which container can be unloaded and when according to our customers’ needs.

A tailored storage

Finally, our handling teams unload the container and store the goods.

Thanks to its huge experience in the harbour logistic since 20 years, XP LOG can provide you a lot of adapted and tailored storage solutions according to your goods specificities such as :

– The alcohol logistic

– The textile logistic

– The pharmaceutical logistic

– The food logistic

– The child care logistic

– The leather goods logistic

– The automotive logistic

– The chemical logistic

– The furniture logistic

– and also the international logistic


An example of a storage zone adapted to the kind of pallets we can store 


If you can to know more about it, feel free to contact us!