Different kind of pallets

What is a pallet?

The pallet is an essential handling tool for the logistic. It is used for the transportation, the storage but also during the packing of the goods.

A guide to help the choice of the kind of your pallets : dimension, material and strength


1. Which size?

In France, there is no law about the size of the pallet. It is important to know all of the dimensions however some of them are more standardized than others. You can find below all the information about the most commonly used pallets.The ISO pallet, The American pallet


  • The size of this pallet is 1200 x 1000 mm. It is mainly used in the North American market but also in Japan.  This pallet is a little bit bigger than a EPAL, it allows to transport a higher amount of goods but it doesn’t fit in the European trucks.

Palette Américaine XP LOG

  • The EURO pallet, The EPAL pallet

The size of this pallet is 1200 x 800 mm. The EUR pallets are easy to identify because they have the logo « EUR » or « EPAL » in it.

Palette EURO - EPAL

  • The quarter pallet

It is a pallet made by plastic that can be fit together with others. The size is 600 x 400 mm.

Quart palette XP LOG

  • The  half pallet

Smaller than the EURO pallet, it can be used only one time. It’s also called the “one way” pallet. The size is usually 600 x 800 mm.

Demi palette XP LOG


2. Which strengh for my pallet?

It is important to chose the kind of pallet you want to use according to the weight it will carry. There are 3 categories of pallets’ strength :

Weight of the pallet Until 9 kg Between 10 and 17 kg Between 17 and 25 kg
Weight it can carry From 0 to 400 kg From 400 to 800 kg From 800 to 1500 kg
Comment Single use pallets Limited use pallets Multi-use pallets


3. Which material for my pallet?
  • The pallet made by wood

The pallet made by wood is the most used in the world and in all sectors of activity. The advantages are that it is cheap and strong. In addition, it can adapt itself to any kind of needs and is easy to recycle.

  • The moulded pallets

This pallet is ligther than a traditional one. It has no sensivity about the temperature variations, in addition, it has no nail which is safer for the handdlig.

This kind of pallet is made with recycled wood or plastic and has a longer life cycle than the classic one.

  • The metallic pallet

The metallic pallets are made by teel or aluminium. They are the strongest pallets but the most expansive. So,  it is the less common used kind of pallet because of its cost.

You can find additional informations below :

Pallets made by wood Moulded pallets Pallets made by plastic Pallets made by polystyrene Pallets made by board Metallic pallets
Export Some of them NO YES YES YES YES YES
Waterproof, resist to temperature variation NO YES YES YES NO YES
Bulky NO YES YES YES YES Some of them NO
Easy to recycle YES if PEFC certification YES YES YES YES NO
Picture Palette bois Palette moulée bois Palette plastique Palette polystyrène Palette carton Palette métallique

Source : MECALUX – Logismarket


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